Friday, January 29, 2010

this morning was picture time

Mommy had a little bit more energy this morning. Very rare lately.
Mommy has been going to bed at 8h00 every night - or earlier (last night was 7h30!) so I cannot do as much as I used to...but this morning, strangely enough I had a bit if energy ! Yeah....

the only way I can work on the computer

is if the crayons are out!
I am happy that Matito loves to colour...

another great gift from Elias

If reincarnation does exist, in my next life I want to be born in Mexico and have a little store close to the beach that opens from 10h00 to 5h00 on weekdays and where I would sell cook knick knacks like this cushion. In my spare time. I would go to the beach with M and Mateo, paint and cook nice meals....

tchok guzel

Nadine is having fun in Turkey right now...She is so lucky!
Souvenirs, souvenirs...
Here are some slippers that I bought while I was in this fantastic country with Jojo (alias uzurle).
One of the nicest trips of my life!

mateo and his moustache

let's hope moustaches are in by the time he is a teenager!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

ma - te - o

He finally started saying his name about two weeks ago.
For the last month, he was saying Kerba ! We thought that was hilarious!
But finally, the words Ma - te - o came out of his mouth! Yeah!
Ma - te - o is a bit more than 20 months old.  Gosh, time flies!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

a beautiful picture

M was away last week to go to Loli's and Daphnee's wedding.
What a great shot!
Daph, you look amazing, Loli you look super handsome!
The dress looks sublime. Love the big flower.
We wish you a lifetime full of love and laughter.
May you be happy !
(I'm so sad I couln't be there...)

Billy Idol

a picture of Elias

that Annona sent me yesterday !
hasn't he changed!
Handsome, elegant : the Spanish and Irish mix !

Monday, January 11, 2010

my heart goes out to single moms

M has just been gone for a few days (we miss you daddy) and I feel for all these women all over the world who are raising children on their own.
It is such a tough job when you are alone.
It's not really the work itself since I love to be with Mat...but it is the alone time, the quiet time, the recuperation time...that you never get.

nights are difficult

I really thought we had the nights under control but no...
Mateo is now a professional climber and climbs (and falls and mom almost has a heart attack) out of his bed at night.
If it was at 6h00 in the morning, I wouldn't mind but it can happen at 10h00 or midnight or 2h30...
Then, he wants to be in bed with me and finds something else to climb : me!
I seem to the most comfortable pillow.
For months, I thought it was cute but now mommy really need to sleep.
What are we going to do?
Now that he climbs out?
Boy oh boy...

a day full of colour

Last week I got to spend a whole day journaling with my buddy Dominique.
It was great.
The studio was a bit cold, but we had blankets, hot tea, cookies, and interesting ladies to listen to.  (We all have a story...)
I enjoyed writing, drawing, thinking, balancing, dreaming about the year to come.
I should do this more often.
It even beats the best shopping session.
It feeds the soul.


takes more pictures than me!
he has thousands in his computer.
the other night I chose a few that I wanted in mine too.
Mateo in the pool.

Can't wait for this summer - since we have a pool too. He will probably learn how to swim!

Thursday, January 7, 2010


says Mateo when he sees these.
Thank again Annona for making me buy them.
I have been using them quite a few times lately.

he has been saying it for a while

Me : Mateo, c'est quoi cette auto?
Mateo : Miniiiiiiiiii
Me : Oui, c'est beau !
Me again : Qui te l'a donnée?
Mateo : Liasssss (meaning Elias!)
Me : T'es bon Mateo! Bravo !

I hope I will own one one day

in the meantime, it is giving me ideas to change Mat's room a bit...

my obsession with perfumes

not a week goes by without me sneaking into a pharmacy to smell a new perfume that is out.
If I had to choose a new job, I would like to be in the business of perfumes.
Éclat d'Arpège, is one of my favourites.

Nadine made me discover it. She wears it from time to time.  She is also a perfume lover.  She has lots and lots of bottles that are fun to smell up there in her room on her dresser. 
Thank you Nana for the great Christmas gift !

The smell is inviting, sexy, subtle yet strong enough, refined, warm....a perfect smell.
The botte is elegant, the liquid is purple.  A very special combination I find.

A smell you won't forget.

a very cool shoulder bag

that Claudia got for me and jojo

thank you !
where did she get it?
Winners of course!
It is the perfect travel bag - too bad I've got no place to go!
I'll have to take a day trip soon when it is not so cold anymore...

Sunday, January 3, 2010

already tired of winter

Trying to look for things around the house that make me think of summer.
Lucky M, he will be in the sun in a few days...
Hope I get my energy back soon.  I have been SO tired these last days...

saying goodbye to 2009

imagine 2010

wishing you a happy new year

hope that all your dreams come true...
hope the stars are shining for you and your family

reading time

with mateo and maika
they love it

a winter photobooth

mateo is never sure what to do in there...
but mommy loves it!

mateo in his christmas suit

a tie from H&M!