Wednesday, April 18, 2012

go go go

I feel that the next month will be crazy but I feel energized the get everything done. I guessed by trip helped. Taking a break from the computer was a great thing.

fun in Reno

I LOVED my trip to Reno. Time to be with Annona. Time to do different things. Time to be with the boys. Time to see new things. Thank you so much A. Love you!
The ipad : a life saver on long trips - thanks Elias Moukannas. (Microsoft products are great too though!)
Spring had arrived - but why was it so cold? :)
A really cool museum only for kids. Mateo's favourite part : eating a ham sandwich prepared by Annona !!!
Or was it this part? Building and painting with his buddy?! They loved it
Is that your new house?
Another fun day !
We tried to go to Lake Tahoe and were stuck in a snowstorm and had to drive back. I guess that means that we will have to go back:) I binged the images for the meantime Annona. It looks really nice.
Typical scenery Reno scenery. Grey and kaki. Not colours I like that much usually but I must admit that I really loved the place. A really quiet and great city to live in. Bye Reno !

a new clock

more house updates to come in a month or so...when I finish working... I SO need a change!

playing with Opa

the pumpkin that I missed so much

during my trip... I love you Luca.