Friday, November 18, 2011

we just booked today

here is where we are going in a month!

all her quotes are so fantastic

check her out here

makes me tremble with envy

o m g

I REALLY like...

have never seen such a perfect tattoo...

for you M

who never sees me lately...

Saw this...and me think of you. :)
you should wear your watch like this and you are Pizza!

my first feet picture with mateo

whu did I not think of that before?

pumpkin is walking now !

my favourite pirate in the whole world

fall with mateo

a cool new scarf

from American Outfitters

seems so far away girls

our first night in Miami...tired but happy !

haven't posted in almost a month - this had never happened!

i miss you blog but I have no time right now...
but here are things on my mind besides work :
-wrapping x-mas gifts in a different way...won't be that probably...will probably do it with mateo...
-would like to go book shopping - have so many cool things lately - like this one for example.
- want to go x-mas clothes shopping for the boys.