Friday, October 28, 2011

his words

Luca's few words :
Number 1 is for sure : Concombre.  He says it for fun and for a cucumber too.
Number 2 is Mama - but that means M
Number 3 is Papa - that also means M
Number 4 : Tomb - for Tombé
Number 5 : Toutou for Toutou !
Number 6 : Nam Nam for Food
Number 7 : No for Non

Besides the words, he imitates the fish
He understands non, donne et souris!

Monday, October 17, 2011

why teachers drink

- made me laugh

on raising boys

- made me cry

“Don’t forget that as a baby, he will always be looking for your face. It will be this way forever.”
“The more you talk to him, the sooner he’ll talk to you.”
“Relax. Throwing food is normal. Heck, throw back.”
“It’s okay if he falls down. What’s important is that he picks himself back up again.”

“His tears will break your heart. So will his smiles.”
“If you make fun of him, he’ll learn to be shy.”
“He’ll continue to whine for as long as it works.”
“From you, he’ll learn the importance of telling the truth. Be a good role model.”
“Play catch with him. He won’t really care if you can’t catch a ball or throw a perfect pass.”
“Remember, your encouragement breeds confidence. It always will.”
“Don’t let his father forget that his son is still a little boy.”
“Don’t tolerate his tantrums. Ever.”
“Teach him how to set the table. This will amaze future girlfriends.”

“He’ll always look for you at his games. Sit where he can see you.” (Made me cry. No clue why).
“Remember, perfectly sane moms tend to freak out during soccer tryouts.”
“If he’s old enough to play, he’s old enough to carry his own equipment.”

“Remember, he’s probably hungry. Even if he just ate.”
“Teach him to hang up his clothes, even if it’s just easier to pick them up yourself.”
“When he dresses himself, tell him he looks great. Don’t worry about what others might think.”
“DON’T miss his school plays. Even if his role is ‘Tree #2.’ ”
“Talk to him about saving for the future. Give him a piggy bank.”
“Teach him to wipe his mouth on a napkin, not on his shirt.” (Love)
“The longer you baby him, the longer he’ll stay a baby.”
“If you discover HE’S the bully, realize something is very wrong. Usually at home.”

“Keep kissing him goodnight. Even if he doesn’t kiss back now.” (Crying again)
“Look him in the eye and tell him that if he ever starts doing drugs, his life as he knows it will come to an end.”
“Play Beethoven in the mornings. It will calm everybody down.”
“Don’t be upset that you can’t afford everything he wants. A small country couldn’t even afford everything he wants.”
“Do not let one single disrespectful comment slide. Ever. “
“He’s ready to learn about girls. He can either learn from you, or from MTV.”
“He will start using copious amounts of cologne. You might have to stagger outside for air.”
“Be a part of his world. Know what games he plays, what shows he watches, what music he’s listening to.”
“Don’t ask his teachers for special favors. They’ll think of your son as someone whose mom is looking after him. That kind of reputation will follow him for years.”
“If he complains other kids get a bigger allowance or more things, don’t give in. He’ll live.”

“If he becomes paralyzed when a girl says hello, you’ll know he’s discovered the opposite sex.”
“Don’t push him into a romantic relationship. Not now. Not ten years from now. Not ever.
“Remember you’re still one of his most important role models.”
“If he knows he can come to you with a problem, he will.”
“Learn the difference between supporting him, and rescuing him.”
“To your amazement, he will want clothes that cost more than his dad’s do. This is when you sit him down and explain the concept of getting a job.” (Love it!)
“He will want to talk at the most odd, mysterious, inconvenient times. Stop what you’re doing and talk.”
“If he does get a speeding ticket, don’t try to get it fixed. Send him to court. Wearing a tie.” (love)
“Remember if he smells odd to you, he smells odd to the world.”
“Remember, the stronger a mother you are, the stronger a man he will become.”

You’ll have to read the book.

And finally, thank you to my girlfriend Tanya, who shared this with me. And she doesn’t even have kids.
My Promise to my children ~
I am your Parent 1st – your Friend 2nd. I will stalk you, flip out on you, lecture you, drive you insane, be your worst nightmare & hunt you down like a bloodhound when needed because I LOVE YOU! When you understand that, I will know you are a responsible adult. You will NEVER find someone who loves, prays, cares, & worries about you more than I do! If you don’t hate me once in your life – I am not doing my job properly.
from this book : 
Mother To Son
, by Melissa and Harry Harrison

found on this blog Blog

fresh air

if you need some : go here
I so want to do an art project with the kids.
This weekend it is...I just decided !

cool things i saw

my pumpkin

I miss my blog.
Friends have been telling me : you must be really busy because you don't post anymore.
Yes, I am !
I don't even take pictures anymore.
My mom sends me pictures she takes when she has Luca.
Speaking of Luca he is doing great.
Still not walking (almost though - I predict in a month).
Still not too crazy about his mom.  He cringes when he sees me. (Oh well...)
He LOVES M. And M LOVES him.
He has 6 teeth.
He's a great eater.
He loves music and cars (ya, him too !!).
Not too crazy about books (he wants to close them all the time.)
He's a wonderful boy and I miss him so when I go to work.
I sometimes wish I did not have to go to work...

mateo villeneuve

My champion.
Could a boy love cars more than Mateo?
Don't think so.
He wakes up with a few cars in his hands, eats with cars on the table, plays with cars in the living room, the basement, the bath, cars movies, wants to see cars on the Internet, loves to play with cars stickers, wants to wear tops with cars on them (shoes too!) and at night he is still holding a car when he falls asleep.
We must have at least 100 cars around the house.  I pick up cars all day long so I don't trip on them.
Cars are cool because Mateo likes cars.