Thursday, March 15, 2012

removing the last bits of snow

I know it is too soon to dream about spring but it feels so much like it. Please snow go away. I miss you sun !!!

he went skiing !!!

We were dreading to go because Mateo is never keen on new situations. He usually does not want to try, complains or cries but this time around he was a champ! Complained only the first time going down. After that he loved it ! He was telling M : Don't touch me, I can do it alone! He had his bum sticking out and racing down !!! He cried but only because we were leaving ! We'll have to do it some more next year.

so different these two muchkins

but both so much personality !

I don't have girls

so I can never play with dolls - I tried but my boys REALLY prefer cars. But who says I can't play hairdresser ! :)

tu veux prendre ton bain Luca?

and this is the answer I got !

Monday, March 12, 2012

une vraie conversation !!!

Luca parle et on le comprend !!! Conversation entre M et Luca ce soir : M : Tu veux manger au restaurant Luca? L : umm (oui) M: Tu vas manger quoi? L : pain M : quoi d'autre L : eale (céréales) M : et tu veux boire quoi? L : l'eau M : et la crème glacée à quoi? L : ille (vanille) et maman qui écoutait la conversation super fière de son fils Maman : et ton nom c'est quoi? L : ka (luca) ensuite cri de maman : t'es bon Luca !!! Tu paaaaaarles !!! et gros sourire de Luca !

je boisais

Mateo parle super bien mais il fait évidemment encore beaucoup d'erreurs quand il parle. Une de ses erreurs que j'adore est : je "boisais" au lieu de je "buvais" ! Trop cute !

more things I wanna buy

for my mommy days
for every day - cool, stylish and comfortable
so cool but out of my price range but eh just looking at them is almost like having them ! all at Browns if you are wondering. But like M would say : Where are you going to fing all this money? Answer : I don't know !!!

wish list

I want 1,2,3,10 and 13. What about you?

Monday, March 5, 2012