Sunday, March 28, 2010

decorating fever

My mom sent me the link to a blog with the note : So, your style !
And boy was she right !
Totally me !

I have been in a decorating mood for quite some time now and usually I just go at it...
But I have two obstacles in my way now :
- my husband (he does not like frequent changes...but he is slowly understanding, I mean REALLY understanding what deco means to me)
- and the most important : my budget...

This is making me sad a bit but there is nothing I can do really...
I have the pleasure of decorating Mat's new room though in a few weeks and the baby's room also !
I'll find a budget for that !

not so tired anymore...

starting watching TV again.  At night !!!
My two favourite shows :
Dancing with the stars - it just makes me dream.  I would love to do something like that...
and The Food Revolution by Jamie Oliver, my favourite cook in the world !

easter in advance

I will be super busy this week.
Wishing you lots of chocolate and spring fun in advance.

happy birthday Jojo!

Tomorrow is Jojo's birthday.
A very special girl, not just my sister-in-law but my friend, I wish all that you want !

experimenting a bit more lately...

In the last three weeks, Mat has been willing to try new foods a bit more than usual.  He had cauliflower, celery, melon, apples and strawberries.  All in their fresh form.  This is huge for him !
On this picture, and he had two bites and he gave it back to me! 
I had just enough time to take a picture ...

bla bla bliss

We don't know why but Mateo says bla bla bliss to "crème glacée"!
We are trying to show him the right away to say it and it usually works after one try but with this word  he just says  "crème" - and then he smiles and he says "bla bla bliss". 
I think he is just fooling around with us!

a new recipe book

Feeding men and boys.
We have tried a few recipes and they are all delicious.
It works with M but not necessarly with Mateo.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

yeah ! a REAL banner for my blog !

A really nice guy at work put up a banner up for me! Thanks Dominic !

Monday, March 15, 2010

I am ready to share it now...

I have not been wanting to say that I am pregnant on this blog ...
I am not superstitious by nature but I did not want to write something and then have to erase it.
But then again I know that life has a plan of its own so I why shouldn't I share the joy...
Yes, I am pregnant!
17 weeks now and things are going well.
The beginning was tough - so so tired.
But my usual energy and creativity is coming back to me.

Is it the second trimester or is it just the snow melting away?

We are super happy about the news. Sometimes we wonder how will manage with so much activity in the house but deep down we know that it will be fine...very fine.

I think I felt the baby move a few days ago.  Not a definite kick but something there...

We had the first echo last week and everything seemed fine. Good news.
Welcome new baby !

a birthday idea

so cool !
Tool cool !

club med

Ya baby - this is where M and I are going for the first time in our lives !
I cannot wait !

Thursday, March 4, 2010

dancing with a star

She won first place !
That's my girl !
Félicitations encore Madame Boubou!
You were great.

c'est bon

Last weekend, we went to grab a quick burger at the restaurant and M had a beer.
Just for fun, we gave Mateo a sip and... for the first time in his life (although we do give him good stuff to eat) and he said : hummm, c'est bon !
M and I cracked up laughing! We couldn't believe it !

Mateo wanted more but of course, we said No!
Today, I went to the grocery store and he yelled "Bière" when we passed in front of the fridges.

Oh well...

Goal !

M is already teaching him all about soccer !

the first and LAST snowman of the year

We did about 2 weeks ago....but now the snow is almost gone...
Here with Alexandra and Junior...our neighbours in about three weeks.
Mateo will be spending all his childhood with them.
I think it will be a lot of fun for him...


This was I found in the utencils drawer a few minutes ago.
Mateo put one of his favourite buses in there.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

that's what I am doing...

...eating Mateo's words.
He is so good !
We cannot count all the words he says now...
He's our champion.

I can feel it !

Spring is here! Hourrah !