Thursday, April 21, 2011


Look what I found!
So damn cool.
A catalog of things that you love.
For me, better than Facebook.
You find people who have the same interests than you and you get inspired and inspired and inspired.
Hours of fun ahead.
Follow me here.
Just started tonight.
Will add more and more and more...

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

i miss painting

need to shop for basics

I put my winter clothes in the basement this week and did an inventory of what I have...
I need to go shopping.
On my list :
- tank tops
- leggings
- jeans jacket
- sweaters
- underwear
- socks
- and a pair of great shoes that I can wear every day that I have a little heel.

Where I want to shop?
- Simons, H&M, Zara, Smart Set, Locale and of course Winners.

Voilà - that's it !

the power of words

thanks for the link isabelle!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

a cake story

I made the best banana cake I have ever eaten in my life from this book.
I prepared it and put in the floor next to the door entrance because we were leaving for Teta's house.
Mateo saw it on the floor and decided it was play-dough pressing on it. Once his job was done he told me: "Maman, regarde, jai écrasé le gâteau". I only had two words to say : Eh bien !
I thought it was kinda funny but I could not let him see that!
I was a bit ashamed to bring this smashed up cake to my in-laws...but in the end, it tasted great.

pizza in the morning

Mateo is like his dad : he loves to eat pizza in the morning !

pictures taken by a child

Mateo has started using my camera and I love the way he takes shots. The angle is off and it makes it great !

Mateo's room

I really like his room. I know that in a few years, he won't let me choose anymore so I am enjoying this freedom while it lasts...


I am so in love with this dude...

OMG : picnik!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Try it out - it is super easy !
Hours of fun I promise
Perfect to enhance the colours, to write on pictures and much more...
So loving it !