Friday, October 23, 2009

giving workshops

Read this somewhere :
"Trust in WHAT you love, continue to do it, and it will take you where you need to go."

Today I gave a workshop and teachers were so happy and it made me so happy.
Happy because I know that it will make students happy.
Happy because I know I am making a difference.
Happy because every day I get to do a job that I love AND I get paid to do it.
Happy because even if sometimes complain that I have too much to do...I prefer having too much than not enough.

Happy, that is the word.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

mateo and my dad

Mateo is SO in love with my dad.
It is so nice to see.

When I come home from work or M comes back to work, we get a smile if we are lucky but my dad gets the whole thing !!!
Opa, Opa, Opa - Mateo says his name all the time.
When my parents came to pick up him this morning, Mateo was so happy to see him. He smiled, laughed and giggled like a girl.

It must be so fun for my dad.

My dad is really funny because he talks to him as if he was an adult.  Yes, my dad uses baby talk but most of the time it is serious talk. And the funny thing is that Mateo listens to him - I mean listens to the serious talk.  You just have to see it!

Merci Papa d'être si présent dans sa vie.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

harder than I thought

to blog every day.
What am I going to write about?

Today, I just did a zillion things : feed mateo, give mateo a shower, dress mateo, take a shower, go grocery shopping, go to winners, read e-mails, have lunch, start supper (I made a lasagna AND a chicken pie!!!), feed mateo, play with mateo, cook again, watch a bit of tv, cook again, feed mateo, eat supper, work a little bit, put mateo to bed, now blog for a few minutes and then work again... Not that interesting eh?

ok, let's find something else to write about...
Oh! Just got an idea : I will write a wish list :

1- hope to write a good unit tomorrow night  (that's harder than I thought also...)
2 - hope to sleep well tonight (mateo has been waking up every night lately...)
3 - hope to spend a bit of time with M ( I have been so busy...! )
4 - hope to be not as busy in November
5 - hope to take some fresh air tomorrow - have been spending too much time inside these last days...

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

for you Patricia

since you like to read this blog, thought I could suggest another one that you would love as much as SHE writes all the time...
Design mom!
Read the sections about pregnancy - very moving texts.

a REALLY good news

Creativity and energy - that's what our new book is about!
Dominique and I are working together on a great project that we started a few years and that seems to be really coming alive this time.
Wanted to make sure to write about to make it even more alive.
What is alive is our thoughts can become alive in real life.

We are super excited!

writing more

Some fans of mine are disappointed that I am writing less so I am giving myself a challenge this week (idea taken from Hula of course) to write every day. And to take new pictures.  Mateo has been neglected camera wise lately!

highway 35

Last weekend, I went to my parents' house and to Daisy's house and I realized that I felt nostalgic  by driving on highway 35.
And I felt it again when I was driving on it tonight.
Highway 35 for me is my passage to St-Jean-sur-Richelieu.
Highway 35 means my old home.
Highway 35 is my old life.
Highway 35 means a lot of souvenirs.
Highway 35 for me is snowstorms, late nights, summer days, coming back from shopping in Montreal,
coming back from movies, coming back from restaurants...
Highway 35 means going to Louis XV street, Augustin-Gauthier, Dépelteau, Léger, de Lourtel...and so many other streets...

I think I miss Highway 35 and I will pass by more often.

Thursday, October 15, 2009


My brain feels like these paper lanterns!
It is full of colours and projects but I wonder : will I get everthing done?

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

wow! a new office

I am so happy about my new office.
Look at that lamp! Gorgeous! I love it, love it, love it!
Makes me happy when I walk in !

I started working on a new book and I wanted to have a nice environment to do it in. Excuses, Excuses !!! :)
My office was okay before but it is now painted in a very light shade of gray and in the morning the light is wonderful.
The lamp is center stage since it is so big.
Of course, at Ikea - where else can you shop for so cheap!

I have been wanting to paint my office for the longest time but since the ceiling is so high I never dared to attack the project myself (not even when M was fishing!), I never dared to ask Mike (since he finds that I have too many decorating projects!) so I finally asked my dad! But then Omar came to renovate the bathroom downstairs and he told us he could paint the room for a price that seemed reasonable to us!

The project was finished on Sunday night , my dad and M doing the final touch-ups.
Now, I just have to plan how I will decorate it. 
I already saw a funky chair that I would like.
I painted a new art piece that could go there too...
I'll post pictures when all is done...