Thursday, October 22, 2009

mateo and my dad

Mateo is SO in love with my dad.
It is so nice to see.

When I come home from work or M comes back to work, we get a smile if we are lucky but my dad gets the whole thing !!!
Opa, Opa, Opa - Mateo says his name all the time.
When my parents came to pick up him this morning, Mateo was so happy to see him. He smiled, laughed and giggled like a girl.

It must be so fun for my dad.

My dad is really funny because he talks to him as if he was an adult.  Yes, my dad uses baby talk but most of the time it is serious talk. And the funny thing is that Mateo listens to him - I mean listens to the serious talk.  You just have to see it!

Merci Papa d'être si présent dans sa vie.

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