Wednesday, October 21, 2009

harder than I thought

to blog every day.
What am I going to write about?

Today, I just did a zillion things : feed mateo, give mateo a shower, dress mateo, take a shower, go grocery shopping, go to winners, read e-mails, have lunch, start supper (I made a lasagna AND a chicken pie!!!), feed mateo, play with mateo, cook again, watch a bit of tv, cook again, feed mateo, eat supper, work a little bit, put mateo to bed, now blog for a few minutes and then work again... Not that interesting eh?

ok, let's find something else to write about...
Oh! Just got an idea : I will write a wish list :

1- hope to write a good unit tomorrow night  (that's harder than I thought also...)
2 - hope to sleep well tonight (mateo has been waking up every night lately...)
3 - hope to spend a bit of time with M ( I have been so busy...! )
4 - hope to be not as busy in November
5 - hope to take some fresh air tomorrow - have been spending too much time inside these last days...

1 comment:

  1. hemmm, what about playing with Mateo OUTSIDE....the godfather will have to visit more often ( so his by=oyfriend culd play with Mat outside while we talk;-)