Tuesday, August 24, 2010

day care

The day care we had found is too expensive.
Mommy is trying to find another place for Matito.
Really hope to find something soon...
M is going back to work in two weeks and mom will not be able to handle both at the same time.

bring on the meat

My husband has been on a cleansing diet for the last 10 days and he is so fed up of it!
He did good and he lost 5 pounds!

It ends tomorrow and he has already planned his menu for Wednesday.
This is what we will be eating :
Pizza is the morning - Sausage sandwich for lunch - and Steak for supper.
I am excited too !

just fine

I feel like this Hawain woman.
Happy and content. Dancing inside.
That is what motherhood does.
I feel so lucky to have two healthy boys, a great husband and my good health.
Can't believe that I am the mother of two boys.
Can't believe that I will never have a girl.

I am feeling so much better than last week.
The pain is almost gone.

Strangely enough, nights are not that difficult.  I get up twice and I don't feel that tired.
It is the baby-feel-good-hormones.

Spending lots of time at home.
Loving it.
I am super busy but I couldn't tell you what I really do.
Days go by so fast.
Breastfeeding takes a lot of time and for the rest : I tidy up, I do the wash, I started cooking again, I watch a bit if TV at night, I spend time with my men, I even started work again for Erpi...

I know that the time will come that I will want to get out of the house and spend some time alone ...but for now I am feeling just fine.

Just fine !


We could not afford the Audi TT that Mat has...

...but we got a brand new Forrester.  It has everything I wanted : music, manual transmission and it is white.  And it also has want M wanted : a GPS, bluetooth, a great warranty and no mileage !

I LOVE my new car !!! 
Thanks M!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

what I do at night

strangely enough I don't feel very tired.
I am still in a bit of pain but I wouldn't say that I am tired. Weird given the fact that I haven't slept of full night in two weeks (and that I will not be sleeping a full night in the next six months !)

At night, when I am finished breastfeeding or before Luca wakes up, I have the urge to go through my drawers and tidy up.
Last night, it was the bra and underwear drawer, and a few nights before, it was the jewelry box. I found this bracelet that Annona had given me that I am really happy to re-wear.
Doesn't it look good?
Nice and shiny and "princessy" !

cool moms around the world

I see a lot of pictures of moms and their babies on blogs but this one really struck me.
I find it so cool, so different. so raw.

my swollen feet

My feet look so much better but I still don't fit in my shoes.
I tried on these new running shoes that I bought just before giving birth and I can't wait to wear them.

cream !

Jojo got me this cool cream to tighten my boobies !
Yes, they do need some tightening...
But since I am breastfeeding, I cannot really use perfumed creams...I don't think Luca would like it.
So I am going to use the breast cream on my thighs! It should do the job there too...
My close friends know that for me cream is cream.
I use foot cream on my face, I use wrinkle cream on my legs, I even use aftersun in the winter !
Thanks Jojo!

orange is his room

With Matito, my first real outting was Ikea.
With Luca, I went to Winners.
I could have bought everything.
I felt so shopping deprived - as if it had been months - although it was only two weeks.
But I was good, I just bought a lamp. Okay, a few other things too but they don't count :)

a new diaper bag

nice and modern.
already full of diapers, baby grows, kleeenex, blankets, tiny toys, wet ones...

my second angel

He is slowly losing the new born look.
At night, I stare at him for hours.

my crayons are ready

I sharpened my pencils.
I am ready to draw more.
My journal is calling my name.

turquoise is the colour

I am lucky !
My friends know that baby Luca does not need new clothes.
So I get to receive mommy gifts instead of baby gifts!
Like this very very very cool Vogue bathing cap that Dominique got me.
I love it so much.
Can't wait to use it in two months to go swimming.
Thank you, thank you !

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

my husband M

Thank you for being there.
Thank you for being you.
Thank you for being open.
Thank you for being patient.

Te quiero mucho.

my favourite new place

no, it is a not a cool clothes shops or a fancy restaurant.
It is this chair that Claudia lent me.
So comfortable.
So great to breastfeed even at 2 am in the morning when all is quiet in the house, except for the sound of Luca swallowing the milk.

mommy and her new buddy

foods to heal

Since Luca has been born, I have been eating so well, so well.
I really feel that it is helping me recover.
Food is my fuel.
My mom, Lily, my friends Claudia and Verica, and M have been cooking for me.

On this great list, I have had :

vine leaves
blueberries that taste like candies
pork roast
banana bread
bbq steak
chicken soup
de-li-cious spaghetti sauce
great bread
tea with hot milk

thank you for taking care of me

which boob again?

a beautiful present from a shop far away - from Greece to the hospital in Greenfield Park.
a present from Elias and Luki.
It is a lucky charm.
It is supposed to be for Luca, for now, I use it for me to remind me which boob is next.
I love it !
Thank you so much!

my two boys

Mateo loves his baby brother.
All day long, he says :
Je veux l'embrasser, je veux le coller, je veux le voir.
He is so affectionate with him.

il est arrivé !

Luca Michael Kerba
le 4 août 2010 à 13h35 pesant 7 livres et 4
On l'appelle Lukino, Lukatchino et Mateo l'appelle Lucatino.

Il est en santé.
Il mange bien, il dort bien.
Il est calme.
Il est tout mignon.

La césarienne s'est bien passée.
Maman est encore très fatiguée mais elle récupère tranquillement.

Nous sommes tellement chanceux.
Nous l'adorons.