Thursday, February 18, 2010

just for fun

Mateo never ever used a pacifier but they still lay around in his toy boxes.  Once in while he likes to suck on one just for fun.

mom's self-portrait

mommy looks so tired lately that only photobooth in my computer was acceptable...

mateo's first self-portrait

he loooooooves my camera!

that's what happened...

About two weeks, Mateo did not want to nap in the afternoon but Mommy really needed to get something done for work (meaning : Mateo really HAD to take a nap).
So Mommy let Mateo cry....and he cried !! For one hour! When it finally got quiet in the house again, I went upstairs to see if he was okay and this is what I saw.

He fell asleep on the edge of his bed - exhausted from crying.
Poor Matito !


Mateo loves to hang around in my office, or should I say mess up my office.
It shows in his face, no?

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

so cool

pictures like this give me energy again.
I love everthing about it - the cool diaper with the letter on it, the retro blanket, the toy, the back shot...
Wow !!!

once again I am bedridden

In the last month in a half I have had three bad colds.
What is going on with me?
This time, I caught it from Mateo but he felt sick just one day.
My parents are sick too - both of them in bed during day time AND taking medecine.  SO unlike them !!
I am waiting for my lucky star to come back.
Where are you?

Sunday, February 7, 2010

mrs lilien

If you do not feel like going shopping after looking at this blog, you
definitely have to go and see a doctor !

please bring me to a shopping center soon and let spring arrive!

thank you dodo for the tip!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

other people's blogs

Some people read the paper every day (which I also do) but the texts that I REALLY love to read every day are other people's blogs.
Only 15 minutes are worth my while day after day.  They make me happy!

Every day I am inspired by what people do, the food the eat, the homes they create, the lives they live.  I like to read about their happy days and their sad days.

I must admit that I have not beeen too creative lately nor proactive but all the great ideas (like this one that made me smile right away...) are up here in my head.
I'm keeping track for when my energy comes back...

Yesteday, I did something I never do.   I swear I never do ! I went to read my horoscope predictions on-line to see what was the matter with me.  Was it written in the stars that my energy would be so low...? Happily, I found out that it was normal - that the beginning of the year would be difficult for virgos !  The real Tanja should be back this summer.  Guess I have to be patient !