Saturday, February 6, 2010

other people's blogs

Some people read the paper every day (which I also do) but the texts that I REALLY love to read every day are other people's blogs.
Only 15 minutes are worth my while day after day.  They make me happy!

Every day I am inspired by what people do, the food the eat, the homes they create, the lives they live.  I like to read about their happy days and their sad days.

I must admit that I have not beeen too creative lately nor proactive but all the great ideas (like this one that made me smile right away...) are up here in my head.
I'm keeping track for when my energy comes back...

Yesteday, I did something I never do.   I swear I never do ! I went to read my horoscope predictions on-line to see what was the matter with me.  Was it written in the stars that my energy would be so low...? Happily, I found out that it was normal - that the beginning of the year would be difficult for virgos !  The real Tanja should be back this summer.  Guess I have to be patient !

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