Monday, May 31, 2010

sex and the city 2

Last weekend I went to see Carrie again with a gang of girls and it was really nice.
I so so loved the movie - whatever the critics say.

- It made me dream about having such cool clothes.
- It made me dream about jewelry too. M, are you reading?
- It made me reflect on my life. I  could find myself in every girl.  We identify with all of them, that's why we like so much.
- It made me cry (yes, I am pregnant!) and laugh.
- It made me dream of being thin again. :)
- It made me wanna go to a wedding and dress up! (Elias are you reading?! You two are next on the list...)
- It made me miss travelling.
- It made me start putting perfume in my hair like Carrie did.
- It made me dream of a turquoise wall in my house...(Sigh)
- It made me think about my husband, my boy and the life I have.
- It made me want to go out with my girlfriends more. Bars and cool restaurants would be cool...

two recipes I tried this weekend

carrot and pineapple cake with sour cream icing! Yam ! My cake looked awful but it tasted great !
fresh juice - a great combination
- inspired by

Thursday, May 27, 2010

summer pictures already

thanks for the great "sortie de bain" Annona !

Sunday, May 23, 2010

a special guest

Annona was here last weekend.
Her stay was too short but we still had the time to catch up on all the stories, shop a lot, eat nice things, spend time with matito and just be together...
Luv you

my boy is 2 now

mateo singing with his new microphone 
very nice looking cake but the wrong flavor :)
a very proud daddy.
mateo eating gelato cake !
marraine Sho-Sho and parrain Elias

thank you for the wonderful gifts and the great time !

lists of wishes

The favourite part of my job is to give workshops and two weeks ago, I had the pleasure of giving my favourite workshop of all : creative journaling.
For this activity, participants had to write down five dreams they had and we posted them on the windows.
It was inspiring to read them all !

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

so thrilling...

I just saw my post on Design mom! Check it out!
Thank you Gabrielle!

Enjoy your time with your new baby!
So happy everything is fine!

a summer perfume

perfumes are hard to find when you are pregnant.
even your favourite ones stay on the bathroom shelf because the smell makes you sick.
i found a new one that is very soft that i like very much.
infusion de fleur d'oranger - even the title is nice.

a birthday invitation

Mateo will turn 2 in a few days!

his first bike

an early birthday present from Teta and Guedo.
He loves it of course !

Monday, May 10, 2010

a summer hat

On our last beach vacation, I was wearing a silly ugly hat.  M did not even want me to wear it...
And then I saw this cool girl with a gold soft shimmery and I thought : okay, I have to find a cool hat when I come back home...
I found one (that mat loves too - I like his eyes on this picture - funny !) already that I really like but I am giving myself the summer the find the perfect one...
I am in no rush : I don't know when my next beach vacation will be? In a year?

flowers from M

for Mother's Day.
(picture by M too)

this is how I feel lately...

so tired...
good but tired...
I guess the pregnancy is tiring me out more than I think...

matito loves the neighbours !

the bump

is getting so big...
what will it be like in three months?

pregnancy craving

fruits !
I could eat them all day long!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

a name please!

a cool boy's name please!
ending with "i" or "a"

(Annona, I wanted to tell you as a surprise when you came but I had forgotten to tell Mike...)

a lot of moms have told me not to worry and that the name would come once he is born but I don't want this to happen...

I am sending out a message into the universe and the bloggers out there. 

very cool necklace

the thing about blogging is that it makes you discover so many cool things like this necklace that you can buy at etsy.
one day, I hope to have a little store somewhere down South and sell all girlie things to young girls in bikinis...
I think I have mentioned this before on my blog - or was it in my private journal?
Dreams do come true. 

great blogger and great juices

some bloggers really impress me and shutterbean is one of them
every week she inspires me : her food mainly (she always makes stuff that I would wanna eat right way), her house, the way she talks about her little one...
I admire her discipline to take pictures of every step of her recipe and to keep her kitchen so clean.
I love to cook but not every day like she does and I can't keep a kitchen that clean either!

my new neighbour vicky got a great juicer last week. we plan to have a great juice together every week and guess where we're going for recipes...
Together, we just bought a year registration for bio fruits and vegetables to inspire us to try new recipes.
Should be fun.
I might even take some pictures. :)


I think my favourite flowers are the ones that you pick in a field outside.
That's why I have never been crazy about receiving bouquets.
I like "wild" bouquets - the ones you can never find at the store.
I like the ones that are full of sunshine and ants.
I love the flowers that wilt after a day because their real habitat is outside.

It's in little details like that I know that my childhood in Germany has had an impact on me.
Fresh flowers remind me of Hornbach.
Fresh flowers remind me of my mom - I don't know why.

In our backyard, we have two lilac trees.
Last year, I missed their short season when Mateo was born.
This year, I can't wait to cut them and put them inside - for a day or two.
I saw the little buds coming out yesterday.

burger and fries

We went for junk food with Mateo last night.
It was simple and fun.
Mateo had chicken nuggets, fries and a glass of milk.
He devored everything!
The waitress wanted to offer him a lollipop and mommy said : No, no, no.
Doune wanted to give him chocolate and again mommy said : No, non, no. Enough junk in one day!
It was fun to see Doudoune and JoJo with Matito.

taking a bath

You know how much I love to pose for pictures but pregnant I run away from the camera - except if you see only little parts of my body...
Here is the belly soaking the bath...Feels good.
Mateo came to give me the duck.  Actually, he dumped all his toys in the bath while I was in there and I chose the cutest for the picture.
Photographer M took the fun picture.


he spends his days playing with these...
how many times a day does he say : autobus, Mini, Porsche, camion, tracteur, train, locomotive, bulldozer, auto, moto...? I cannot count anymore!

thinking of new colours for the dining room

turquoise - maybe, said M
pink - no way, said M
orange - still thinking about it but probably no...