Saturday, May 1, 2010

a name please!

a cool boy's name please!
ending with "i" or "a"

(Annona, I wanted to tell you as a surprise when you came but I had forgotten to tell Mike...)

a lot of moms have told me not to worry and that the name would come once he is born but I don't want this to happen...

I am sending out a message into the universe and the bloggers out there. 


  1. Have fun:

  2. Ideas that have been on my mind lately: Milo, Finn (but I know this one isn't great when we say it in French), Joey, Jeff, Graham, Maxence...

  3. Oh, I love Milo as well. Names ending in "i" or "a" really narrows down the field...I once knew a little boy named Sebastian and his parents called him Sebby. Very sweet. My friend's son is Sullivan and she calls him Sully.

    Best wishes!

  4. Hi, I was in the same situation...we just couldnt find our daughter's name..we took the baby name book into the labour room! and now when she is out still not sure in her name :(with our boy it was sooo easy.

    ps. this is my first trip here :D