Tuesday, June 29, 2010

looking for new inspirations

Last week, I painted with Dodo on our art night.
I don't really like my painting but I know that it can go somewhere.
I'll have to paint and repaint and repaint again.
I am looking to find new ways to express the simple style that I like, like this picture I found on flickr.
Not that easy...
My plan is to paint 5 new paintings in the next year.
5 paintings that I really like!

my dad singing to him

My parents often come together to pick up  Mateo at our house but some mornings, my mom comes alone.
And the first thing Mateo will say when he does not see my dad around is  : Il est où Opa?

He loves to be with Opa.
When he is at my parents's, he spends a lot of time with Opa doing all sorts of cool things like : washing the car, looking for stuff in the shed, going to the park and on walks for hours, talking mechanics...
Singing is part of the fun too.  When we sing, Mateo always says : Encore !

Opa has always loved to sing.  He sang to me, he sang to my brother and he still sings to my mom.
I cannot say that he has a great voice but it is nice to see someone singing the same songs over and over again.
I have learned a few lyrics myself by listening to him.  "Your Spanish eyes, tear drops are falling from your Spanish eyes..."

 I wonder what song he sang for Mateo to smile like that and if he sang it opera style !  :)

taking a decision on the name

I usually decide on things very fast.
I am not one to ponder when I need to decide on something.
But when you are two deciding the process takes a different turn.
But this name thing is taking so long...
Why can't we find a name?

It feels so weird not be set on a name- when he is only 5 weeks away from being with us.
My favourite : Mika
M's favourite : Joseph
Another option that we both like : Enrico.

Will we find a new name until then?

the new baby's room...

...not complete yet, but coming along! I like it.
It has a very different feel to Mateo's old room without changing it that much...

- The ponpons look great! Thanks Elias for the great idea of framing them on the ceiling and thanks Jojo for giving the second coat.
- A painting that might go up on one wall - still discussing it with Mr.M.
- A tiny clock that will tell me what time it is at night when I am breastfeeding.

what would he do without tools man?

summer photo booth

In the last photobooths, Mateo was still too young to understand what was going on...
Now, he was intrigued by the flash...
Everything went too fast...
He tried to smile on the first picture but was not sure...
He agreed to wear his newly bought sunglasses! I was so proud of him!
Next photobooth will be with baby #2 - can't wait !

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

should we shave it off?

Yes, Mateo has a moustache but I think it is still too early for that Opa...

Saturday, June 12, 2010

maternity leave

My maternity leave is coming up.
In three weeks, I will be off for one complete year!
I am starting to realize it and I feel quite excited.
I know that my life will change a lot.

Projects and dreams keep my soul alive and this is what I have planned :

Number 1 : Tanja, don't accept any work contracts.  Tanja, don't accept any work contracts. Tanja, don't accept any work contracts.  This is year for YOU and YOUR BOYS. No working allowed.

Number 2 : Put art back into my life.

Number 3 : Get back into shape.

Number 4 : Cook, cook, cook - from this website : 101cookbooks

two new things in the house

a very cool lamp for the dining room
and a colourful frame for I don't know where yet!
I like!

an angel sleeping

his afternoon nap

big utencils for our big boy

not even 2$ at Ikea.  What a buy !


we bought Mateo a doll so that he too has a little baby when the other baby comes.
he likes him, hugs him and kisses him...

an art project I did with matito

for some strange reason, this playdough reminds Matito of chicken.  Everytime he looks at it he says : "poulet", smiles and tries to put it in his mouth.

my shoes don't fit anymore

the swelling started a few weeks ago...
it's so sad - I had to buy new ones...


the ponpons I ordered for the new baby's room!
can't wait to get them!

Friday, June 11, 2010

my blond superstar!

A few weeks ago, it was Claudia's birthday and we went for a photoshoot with her girls !
We had a great time and the result is great!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Max or Sami

M will be happy to read that two of his name choices for baby #2 are growing on me...
I thought both were dogs names a few weeks ago ..but now, my ears are hearing them in the same way that M has always heard them.
I would like to go into the delivery room with 3 or 4 options and let's see what his cute face will tell us.
I am so excited of meeting him.
I love him already whatever his name is....

losing my office

My office used to be in Mateo's new room.
Then, I switched into Mateo's old room.
But now, I want to get the new baby's room ready so I have to find a new space.
A space somewhere in the house - but not in the basement (which is M's "tanja-don't-touch" space) so I am thinking of setting camp in the dining room just with a simple table and a very cool chair.
I am "allowed" to put the computer and a pen on the desk.  That's it ! M's orders!
It's a very bare office.
I should not need more anyways since I will be off for ONE YEAR !!!
- will post pictures when all is done.

an interesting thing

I have a chocolate factory just beside the building where I work and a few times a month when we leave the building it smells like chocolate.
So strange, so nice...
Makes you want to have chocolate...
I think today, I will stop at the dépanneur and eat a cholocate bar....or shall I wait for a chocolate ice cream that I could have with Mateo ? A date just us two at the ice cream parlor !Ya, that's a plan.