Friday, June 4, 2010

losing my office

My office used to be in Mateo's new room.
Then, I switched into Mateo's old room.
But now, I want to get the new baby's room ready so I have to find a new space.
A space somewhere in the house - but not in the basement (which is M's "tanja-don't-touch" space) so I am thinking of setting camp in the dining room just with a simple table and a very cool chair.
I am "allowed" to put the computer and a pen on the desk.  That's it ! M's orders!
It's a very bare office.
I should not need more anyways since I will be off for ONE YEAR !!!
- will post pictures when all is done.


  1. Bon plan! Je trouve ça super! xx

  2. Il y en a des belles chez zone... Claudia!