Thursday, January 27, 2011

home alone with Luca

Today was a great day.
I was supposed to run some errands but decided to stay in with my buddy.
I had the time to fold some clothes, iron, take pictures (of this new cool bowl I bought) but mostly spend time alone with my champion.
I even had time to blog a bit during day time.
Yeah !

in the kitchen again

Spending a lot of time in the kitchen lately !
I love it !
Discovering new recipes...Soups, meats, quinoa, pasta, vegetables in different ways...
And I have been good - not too much chocolate, no cookies, no ice cream...I wanna fit in those old pants of mine...I am so close....
But today I could not resist, I had to make something sweet!
Chocolate pudding - cookies - bananas and sprinkles.
It was gone in no time!

are the teeth coming?

Luca chews on this star non stop and drools like crazy !

Monday, January 17, 2011

best soup I have eaten in my life

No joke !
It's called New Year Noodle Soup.  Even the name of it is cool.
For the recipe, go here.

Jamie was in my kitchen

I'ven been cooking up a storm lately!
Trying lots of recipes.
I love it!

Lasagna - good but will not do again - too expensive and mine is better!
Bread pudding - will do again for a brunch - for sure!
The marmalade makes his superb!
Red cabbage - German style - simple and good!
Bacon and fennel seeds - yam !
The bomb !- a keeper for every Christmas
We decided it will be our holiday tradition.
So amazing. So spectacular.

Kimberly Wyatt

Freaking out on how pretty she is.
Had to google her.
Would love to have the gots to get my hair short like that !
Wow !


Food has begun for Luca.
He ate his first pumpkin pureee this weekend (made by Claudia - so nice of you !!!)
He's lovin' it !
Yeah !

gotta copy this

One day I hope very soon when the boys will be sleeping both at the same time in the afternoon, I HAVE to copy this painting that I saw.  Isn't it cool?
Found it here.
Have been waiting a long time to find something so simple and cool.
Where can it go in the house?

winter sky

I don't like winter - will I ever say it enough - but I must admit that I love a winter sky.
And I love a walk in the cold when I am well dressed.
Let's make the best out of this winter so that it goes by fast, fast, fast, fast.

wedding gift - belated

made my first purchage on ebay.
took a month to get it.
very happy about it.
thank you Mickey !
I love it!

J'adore Dior

Luca is wearing a pyjama he inherited from Mat.
He looks like an angel in it.
Thank you to Beauté and Tina again.
It is a PJ I will keep for when the boys have day...

Chick Hicks

Mateo's coolest car in my opinion. Not really his since he stole it from the neighbour's house.
I love that it is chipped.  Does Chick really look like that or did the boys wreck it by playing with it so much?
I never thought in a million years that I would know all the names from Cars : Sally, Mater, Lighning, Flash, Filmore, Red, Boost, Wingo, DJ, Sarge, Doc...and the list goes on.
My favourites of course are Luigi and Guido.  Super cool cars with fun colours and design.  And they are italiani !!!!

in bed with Luca

my boy is not a new born anymore.
I'm sad that stage has already gone.
it will never come back again.
i love him so.

Friday, January 7, 2011

bath time

He loves to look in the mirror !
Wonder where he gets that from? :)


My little Luca is changing from day to day.
Even we see it and we are with him all the time.
I am so enjoying this time with him.
So enjoying my maternity leave.
So happy I have still 7 months left.

What is new with Luca?
- he started eating a little bit.
-the 6 months old clothes don't fit him anymore.
- and he can almost sit
- he eats his hands all day long

for my diamonds

I bought this cool red jewelry holder hoping to wear my jewelry more.
I usually don't like clutter laying around but I am trying this our to see if I will wear my stuff more.

a backpack for all his cars

he loves to put it on and walk around the house...
I think he had about a hundred cars in there.
I like his expression- he looks so proud !

bare feet

My little man takes his socks off all day long.
We bought him cool slippers - it does not work!
We bought him cool socks - it does not work!
Coquin Mateo !

Saturday, January 1, 2011

this year 2011

Be the change you want to see in the world

le mot d'ordre

pour 2011 pour les Vierges :
Concrétisez vos rêves, qu'ils soient d'ordre professionnel ou amoureux.

Yeah !