Monday, January 17, 2011

Kimberly Wyatt

Freaking out on how pretty she is.
Had to google her.
Would love to have the gots to get my hair short like that !
Wow !


  1. I can't believe you wrote Google!!! and there was me thinking you were transformed to Bing. I am disappointed :)

  2. Hello Annona! ;) How bing you?

  3. To annona: Sorry to say that bing does not always give me what I am looking for !!!! :) I start with bing and if I can't find, I google ! Am I forgiven?

  4. I am not sure :) I will forgive you only if you buy either a Windows Phone 7 (very cool and much better than the iphone) or a Kinect (I am not a gamer but I a freaking with this) - the sports game is a great way to lose weight and have fun with Mike! Oh and of course refer to them in your world famous blog.