Thursday, September 30, 2010

my boyz

Thank you again to Madame Nicole for the great pictures ! 
They are priceless.

Monday, September 20, 2010

it was my birthday at NuVu

and I had a great time ! a wonderful time !
thanks friends !
(picture of the girls - the boys are on the other side !)
and thanks to my mom who babysat both boys !!!

on a rainy day last week

Playing in the garage and with playdough inside !
Fun !

success story

First photobooth with the two boys!
I had only a few seconds to get it right betwwen each flash :
Mateo, stick out your tongue
Mateo, smile
Mateo, pout
Mateo, normal face!
Wow !
We were cramped in !
Mateo told me : maman, j'ai pas de place !!

Luca was wondering what was going on...


He is such a good boy !
Recognize the vest Annona?

fabric for the trailer

yeah baby !

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

the day before...

Madame Nicole - our great babysitter - came to take pictures of Mateo and my belly the day before Luca came into this world...
They turned out great!
Thanks so much !
It is a great souvenir!
She is coming again tomorrow to take pictures of the boys....

Thursday, September 9, 2010

I miss walking and swimming

The doctor told me to stay really quiet the first 6 weeks.
A second c-section is harder.
My body is not recuperating as fast as the first time.
I still can't lift Luca in the car.
Yesterday, I went for a mini walk and it hurt after.
I just have to be a bit more patient...

baking cakes

This was the inspiration.
I bought all the right stuff and did not change the recipe or the instructions.
And this was the result :
Not as colourful, not as vibrant...
Had a few techical problems with the dough sticking to the pan...
Vicky helped a lot - or should I say she assembled the whole thing 'cause if it would have been me, it would have been disaster!
Alex and her friends loved it - that's what's important - and it tasted pretty good too !

a new project : a new head board for our bed

You know me : I always need a project.
The problem is : I don't have the budget!
But this should not be too expensive.
Want to give my bedroom a new feel...
It will a different colour than this one, a different shape...but this will get me going...

we got the camper ! yeah !

My lovely husband (and super Gaby!) went to get the trailer last weekend!
This is what it looks like now :
I know it needs a lot of work but this is the plan :
I'll be open to suggestions friends.
I'll be starting next spring.
I'm so excited !!
Thanks M for making it come true.
and a special thank to Dodo for giving me the idea ! Lots of art dates ahead in our gypsy caravan!

mateo is at the day care and Luca is sleeping - ahhhh...

it feels so good!
I have a little bit of time alone to breath.
breathing meaning : taking a shower, checking my e-mails, tidying up the house...and just enjoying a very quiet house.
silence never felt so good.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

time in the house

I have been spending so much time in the house in the last month.
Much more than when Mateo was born.
Now, I have two boys and they don't sleep at the same hours so that the confines me in the house a lot.

For now, I am okay with it since I am still a bit weak and tired.

For now, I am okay with it since it gives me time to journal and to blog which I know I won't have the time to do as much when M goes back to work.

For now, I am okay with it since it keeps me away from shopping centers and keeps my budget under control. (Shopping on-line is tempting me but so far I am resisting !)

For now, I am okay with it since it is so different from my regular schedule.

For now, I am loving it because I am spending so much time with Lucachino (Mateo is always off with this dad).

my baby boy

I just talked to my mom and she said that the post on Luca's birthday made it look like he's always crying which is so not the case.

Baby Luca is super easy.
He's a sweetheart.

He sleeps, eats, poops and sleeps again.

He likes to be rocked right after eating for a good 30 minutes and then I can put him back to bed.
If I don't hold him enough he cries...but that's very rare.

And btw, doesn't he look like M?

Saturday, September 4, 2010

his favourite song

The Wheels on the Bus.
He likes almost every version of it on
It is so funny to hear him singing in English.

my bio basket

My neighbour convinced me to get a bio vegetable basket every week for one year.
I was not sure if I would like it.
But I do!
We have been eating much more vegetables.
We have had variety in our suppers.  If not we tend to eat pasta or rice.
And I can truly taste the difference.
I have never tasted tomatoes so sweet.
Yam !

for Claudia

This boy knows how to play.
He asked me to be "torse nu", then wanted to wear the babysitter's sandals and then he did this great pose that Claude is famous for!

this picture got me through it

M has been with me for the last month.
I could not have done it without M.
He was with me every step of the way.
With me before the C-section, during the C-section and after the C-section.
And Mat was there too.
In my thoughts all the time.
I had this picture in my hands when they rolled me the operating room.
The nurse took it away from me because they had to get me ready - which me panic a bit.
They gave it back to Mike when he came in the OR.
And he showed it to me all through the operation.
It made me very strong.
This is what children do to you.
They make you strong.


M got me my favourite drink a few weeks ago just to make sure that we have it in stock once I am ready to have alcohol again.
My husband wants to party it up with his wife.

The bottle is still closed.
I am feeling much better but I am not quite back.
I am saying maybe another week or so...then I'll be ready lover of mine !

my new son is not a poser

I decided to continue the tradition I had started with Mateo and take an "official" picture every month to celebrate his date of birth.
I took quite a few shots and I could not get a good one.  He does not like the camera (for now...).

So I tried with his brother :
Still no luck !!

Had to wait that he fell asleep.
Happy birthday my little angel.
One month already ! Where did the time go?

bath time

I have not spent much alone time with Mateo since the birth of Luca.
I miss him.
I can't lift him either.
Cannot do weird moves.
But this morning, I decided to give him a bath (instead of the routine shower with daddy) and he did what he likes best when he is in the bathtub : paint !!

Friday, September 3, 2010


I don't know if it is the hormones but I crave sugar so much.  I cannot go one single day without having a dessert.  I try to reason myself, try to look at pictures of Penelope Cruz to get the motivation going.
But nothing works!
Cookies, cake and ice cream go in my mouth every day - many times a day.
Hum! How am I going to lose this belly?