Monday, December 12, 2011

ho ! ho ! ho !

- because it is the last time I am posting before the holidays, I could just not wait to put these picture up !!!

Aren't they great ! Poor Luca is missing though !!!

because I love blurry pictures

I have always been a list keeper but for the last months my lists have been long. So long that they don't fit in my agenda anymore.   The lists are everywhere - on small papers, long papers, papers in the car, papers in a notebook in my purse, papers in drawers...  Lists that get done but everything seems a bit blurry because I have so much to do.
It feels like I have two lives.  My work life where I have to get tons of work done and my life at home where I play with the boys. Two totally different beats.
And in between, there is a blur.  I can't say that I don't like the blur...
The colours of the blur are significant too : I feel there is a fire in me.  I am producing so much and yet I don't feel tired...I love what I am doing...
And yet, I want things to get back to normal again.  I want to spend time with M, I want to spend time with my friends, I want to read books, I want to watch TV, I want to walk....

I want, I want, I want...that's my story.... Once the books will be written and I will have spent a few months "relaxing" the fire will come again...That's how I am. Le cyle de la créativité c'est ça : de l'étincelle à la mort. De la mort, à l'étincelle.

3 years

To my husband that I don't see that much lately for many reasons...
I love you.

art with Mateo

Mateo is not super patient so Mom ends up doing half of the art projects but we still have fun...

In #1, Mateo was only interested in eating the candies so I had to hurry up before he ate them all even If I told him a thousand times not to eat any. I should have stuck to last year's plan and tell him that it is not edible !!!!

In #2, he was just interested in mixing all the colours in a little bowl with a Q-tip and showing me a not so nice brown he was proud of.
"C'est beau le mélange hein Maman? C'est comme faire de la cuisine!!!"
"Oui, Mateo, t'es un vrai cuisinier!!"