Friday, December 24, 2010

Mateo and Luca

wish you happy Christmas!
Look at the cool gift Mateo made for us at the garderie !

the saucer !

I decided to nickname him Sunshine because he is always so happy !

an art project

inspired by my friend Dominique !
Merci Poulette !
We had fun for almost two hours with the neighbours !

Happy Christmas

to all of you that I love !
I wish you wonderful holidays with your loved ones...

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

christmas/holiday/January list

this is what i plan to do in the next weeks:
1 - bake cookies
2 - bake cakes and cook a lot with M and Verica
3 - go shopping
4 - take a great family picture
5 - see friends i don't see often
6- swim with Jojo
7- drink hot chocolate
8 - buy christmas decorations after christmas
9- paint
10 - try out a new restaurant
11 - go out to the movies with M
12 - spend a whole day watching movies at home
13 -lose another 5 pounds
14 - hire a designer to give me ideas
15 - make a snowman with Mateo
16 - work a little -only a little
17 - eat slower
18 - find a new perfume
19 - see Dodo for arts and much more
20 - set up the room downstairs to make it my own closet
21 - set down a plan for the new workshops I want to give...
22 - and plan new things for the next year...

this is what I came up with in a few minutes....I'm sure I'll think of more...
What about yours?

I wish Reno was close by

Just got off the phone with Annona.
Wish she lived closer...

made my first flan !

and it was delicious ! Did not reduce the sugar, nor change the recipe !!! That's a first for me !
Thank you to Résie !

a shower!

Luca already started taking a shower with Daddy.  He loves it !!!

first Christmas picture

Family Kerba, yes indeed !!
Mateo likes to pose for pictures but not that night !

Friday, December 10, 2010

je t'aime

Hi Moul,
Je sais que tu viens souvent te promener sur fourmi rose alors je viens t'écrire ici.
J'essaie toujours de ne trop penser au fait que tu sois parti et de ne pas penser à tout ce qui pourrait arriver.
Ma et Pa ont bien réussi lors job - on ne s'en fait pas trop chez les Vaillancourt...malgré qu'on a des petits relapses occasionnels...:)

Tu es courageux d'être là-bas si loin de ta famille.

 Je pense à toi souvent souvent.

Ta boîte de Noel est presque prête...tu l'auras bientôt!!
Et entre nous : Stay focused on the mission.

Deine schwester

dec 10th

m and t got married - 2 years ago !

he was patient

Mateo has many qualities but he is not patient (heritage from his dad !) so I try - once in a while - to play a game to work on that...
I bought this sugar house thinking that he would only like to destroy it but he did pretty good and wanted to decorate it to best he could using all the candies in the kit (we did not tell him it was candy but he kept saying : Hum, ça sent bon hein maman!!).
I am so proud of him and love the result! You know me : I am sucker for imperfect things !!

it's a big day !

tried on my jeans this morning and they fit!
shopping centers here i come!
girls (claude and jojo) are you ready to shop at carrefour laval? soon ?

luca. 4. months. old

he drinks like crazy
he smiles like crazy
we love him crazy

new red boots

to brighten cold days !