Friday, December 24, 2010

Mateo and Luca

wish you happy Christmas!
Look at the cool gift Mateo made for us at the garderie !

the saucer !

I decided to nickname him Sunshine because he is always so happy !

an art project

inspired by my friend Dominique !
Merci Poulette !
We had fun for almost two hours with the neighbours !

Happy Christmas

to all of you that I love !
I wish you wonderful holidays with your loved ones...

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

christmas/holiday/January list

this is what i plan to do in the next weeks:
1 - bake cookies
2 - bake cakes and cook a lot with M and Verica
3 - go shopping
4 - take a great family picture
5 - see friends i don't see often
6- swim with Jojo
7- drink hot chocolate
8 - buy christmas decorations after christmas
9- paint
10 - try out a new restaurant
11 - go out to the movies with M
12 - spend a whole day watching movies at home
13 -lose another 5 pounds
14 - hire a designer to give me ideas
15 - make a snowman with Mateo
16 - work a little -only a little
17 - eat slower
18 - find a new perfume
19 - see Dodo for arts and much more
20 - set up the room downstairs to make it my own closet
21 - set down a plan for the new workshops I want to give...
22 - and plan new things for the next year...

this is what I came up with in a few minutes....I'm sure I'll think of more...
What about yours?

I wish Reno was close by

Just got off the phone with Annona.
Wish she lived closer...

made my first flan !

and it was delicious ! Did not reduce the sugar, nor change the recipe !!! That's a first for me !
Thank you to Résie !

a shower!

Luca already started taking a shower with Daddy.  He loves it !!!

first Christmas picture

Family Kerba, yes indeed !!
Mateo likes to pose for pictures but not that night !

Friday, December 10, 2010

je t'aime

Hi Moul,
Je sais que tu viens souvent te promener sur fourmi rose alors je viens t'écrire ici.
J'essaie toujours de ne trop penser au fait que tu sois parti et de ne pas penser à tout ce qui pourrait arriver.
Ma et Pa ont bien réussi lors job - on ne s'en fait pas trop chez les Vaillancourt...malgré qu'on a des petits relapses occasionnels...:)

Tu es courageux d'être là-bas si loin de ta famille.

 Je pense à toi souvent souvent.

Ta boîte de Noel est presque prête...tu l'auras bientôt!!
Et entre nous : Stay focused on the mission.

Deine schwester

dec 10th

m and t got married - 2 years ago !

he was patient

Mateo has many qualities but he is not patient (heritage from his dad !) so I try - once in a while - to play a game to work on that...
I bought this sugar house thinking that he would only like to destroy it but he did pretty good and wanted to decorate it to best he could using all the candies in the kit (we did not tell him it was candy but he kept saying : Hum, ça sent bon hein maman!!).
I am so proud of him and love the result! You know me : I am sucker for imperfect things !!

it's a big day !

tried on my jeans this morning and they fit!
shopping centers here i come!
girls (claude and jojo) are you ready to shop at carrefour laval? soon ?

luca. 4. months. old

he drinks like crazy
he smiles like crazy
we love him crazy

new red boots

to brighten cold days !

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

food at the serenis

M and I, we so freaked out over the buffet !
We ate good stuff and lots of stuff.
We ate a lot of mexican food : we even had tacos al pastor for breakfast.
Guacamole was always on M's plate and on mine, rice and beans.
For dessert, we always had flan and papaya.
I almost cried when we had lunch at the buffet on the last sad I was.
Since we have been back we find our plate so boring.

even munchkin got some colour

we kept him in the shade all the time but he still got some nice colour.
i wonder how. the ocean wind I guess.

top five


colours again

booze we did not drink!
i love mariachi

flowers for my hair

mateo en mexico

thinking about his life
having fun with daddy


papparazzi picture

i so love his toes

talking to his brother

sleeping in the sun

killing time at the airport

his favourite swimming trunks

Monday, November 15, 2010

lecker, lecker

J'ai trouvé ce livre à la bibli de Boucherville.
J'ai adoré l'idée : que voudriez-vous manger lors de votre dernier repas?
Si difficile à répondre puisqu'il y a tant de choses que j'aime manger...

Mon chef préféré a répondu : des pâtes et un pouding au riz au dessert.   Je l'aime ce Jamie là !!

Je me suis prêtée au jeu moi aussi :

Quel serait votre dernier repas?

Je voudrais tout ça :

- des spaghetti bolognaise
- du poisson grillé avec de la guacamole
- un sandwich du resto Les Vivres
- du poulet de chez Ramados
- des frites de McDo
- un morceau de pain de l'Amour du Pain avec un morceau de fromage, de la menthe, des olives et du miel
- les crevettes sur le BBQ préparées par M
- des spatzle de Mutti avec de la sauce à la crème
- des kartoffelpuffer avec des pêches (souvenir d'enfance)
- une soupe tonkinoise
- des feuilles de vigne

Un dessert?
Gelato, gelato, gelato, gelato !!!
Et aussi : un morceau de cheesecake, un morceau de gâteau au chocolat, un morceau de Reeses Pieces, une bouchée de  Blizzard de chez Mc Do, du pudding allemand, et du pudding au riz !!

Que boiriez-vous avec votre repas?
 une gorgée de jus d'hisbiscus
une gorgée de thé avec du lait
une gorgée d'arak
une gorgée de coke diète
une gorgée d'eau
une gorgée de bière légère
une gorgée de Malibu

Quel serait le décor?
only one answer possible : une maison moderne aux murs blancs dans un pays chaud

Y aurait-il de la musique?
aucun doute : de la salsa pendant le repas et Sade pour le dessert

Qui seraient vos convives?
Mon mari, mes garçons, ma famille et mes amis.

Qui préparerait le repas?
Jamie Oliver

Et vous ?

reading again

I had not read much in the last year but I am back on track. 
In the early morning, I read a lot. While breastfeeding.
At least 15 novels since Luca has been born.  I am loving to catch up on things I wanted to read for a long time and also discovering new authors. 
My favourite read up to now : La rêveuse d'Ostende.

two opposites

I have a feeling that these two muchkins wil be different.  Don't you see it in their faces already?

wedding ring

When M and I got married, I made a deal with him : no expensive ring but a ring every year.
I'm really happy about this idea that I had ! It's cool !

Or could it also be a piece of jewerlry?
I think so...
right M?
Will you bring me to Holt so I can try on this necklace?

mini report cards

Mateo started going to a new garderie - the one that I have been wanting him to go to from the time I was pregnant with him.
The place is great : the program they have, the colourful rooms, the girls who work there, the menu, the playground....

We are lucky that we finally got in - which means that Luca will have spot too when time comes.

Mateo is slowly getting used to the place.  He cries when I leave him there in the morning but stops after two minutes once he sees a cool car or truck that he wants to play with.

I love to read him mini report cards at the end of the day!
He is sociable, is funny, speaks clearly, does not eat much and does not like to sleep!

partner look

M and Mateo!

i missed my computer

my computer was down for the last weeks - i missed it.
But I got other things done in my short periods of free time, like cooking, lots of cooking and also lots of watching tv at night (Dexter, we love you !)

Saturday, November 6, 2010


My little monster is great.
I think he is even easier than Mateo.
When we talk to him he smiles all the time and he started doing these cool sounds.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Oh My God

Luca slept through the night !
Until 7h30 this morning!
I could not believe it !
Yeah !
Will he continue?

a cool pirate

With his dark eyes, the pirate look is great.
I was surprised, he let put on the make-up and did not cry when we removed it.
The only thing missing is getting his ear pierced for a big golden hoop ! (just joking daddy !)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

my frizzy hair

Steve and Chris are now part of my afternoons.
This show on curly hair made go and buy a great hairdryer.
Picture 1 is how my hair looks when I don't fix it.
Picture 2 is how I want it look.
I am trying tomorrow...


What is my true calling?
I know I love to teach and to inspire.
I know I love my job as a CP but I also know that I am looking for new ventures.
I don't know what they are exactly.
But I know that I would love to use creative journalling more.

I know that it is still far away but I am thinking of my return to work.
I have been reading inspiring things (books from my friend Dodo) which make me dream and imagine.

And talking about Oprah, I so hope to go and see her this year.
It's on my life list to see her in Chicago with my friend Johanne.


Last week I spent a lot of time in the house.
From the sofa where I breastfeed, I took pictures.
I was zooming on the dish soap and I thought : Ok, I gotta get out of the house.
But Luca had a growth spurt I think and he ate every two hours ! So I had to stay in.

I decided that this week would be different - if Luca would allow me. :)

Today I went shopping and got Mateo really nice stuff.  It is rare that I get him new stuff since he already has so much clothes but I wanted to get him a few cool things. I am so excited about the new pieces he has.  I even got him beach stuff for our upcoming trip to the sun.

never did that before

As a way to keep me away from sweets, I am writing down what I eat. 
Will it work? I don't know but I am giving it a try.
For now, I have gone two days without something sweet.

I really have to lose this belly.
I want to wear my cool jeans that are waiting for me.
Do not want to wear pregnancy pants anymore ...although they are so comfortable!