Friday, May 27, 2011

Weaning baby Luca

One month ago I started to wean my baby boy.

Of course it was my decision to wean since I am going back to work soon but it still feels strange.  My reason says yes but my heart says no. 

I reduced one feeding per week to make it easier on him. And on me.  I did not want it to go too fast.  I did not want to say goodbye too fast.

The work is almost done.  He still refuses to drink formula but he is drinking water.

Yesterday late afternoon, he was sucking on my neck, my chest, my arm... He is still looking for me. It melts my heart. 

To think that for the first 5 months of his life it is the ONLY thing he ate.
He lives because of me.
Just writing this makes my eyes tear up.

I have loved having his tommy against mine for the last ten months. The calm he has provided me. Having him in my lap, seeing his little mouth sucking, grabbing his little fingers, stroking his fine hair, looking at his little body grow from month to month. Mmmm...

I tried to really pay attention during those last few nursing sessions. But not too much. I did not want to get emotional...

I breastfed for a last time during the night of Monday but I did want to think that is was my last time.

It’s hard to imagine I won’t nurse him again.

No, no, no...says my heart.  Never nurse again. That's impossible.  

Are we really there yet?

It is already summer that is starting?

Where has the last year gone by?

Ciao Luca, amore mio.

I love you so.

I'll make it up to you by cuddling you even more - if that's possible?!

I wish I could breastfeed other babies. I wish I could have given my milk to premature babies but Hema-Québec is not ready for it yet. I would have loved to sit in a hospital room every week and give my milk to a child in need.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Summer List 2011

I'm dreaming about summer.
I'm dreaming about heat.
Can't wait to be really hot.
The kind of hot where people complain but the one that makes me smile.

It is a small list but a great list.

1- Faire dodo dans la roulotte avec Mateo
2 - Faire dodo dans la roulotte avec M?
3- Aller voir 2 films au cinéma
4- Faire des popsicles à étages
5 - Lire un roman
6- Finir ma toile "collage"
7- Commencer une nouvelle toile
8 - Essayer 10 nouvelles recettes
9 - Faire du skinny dipping dans la piscine des voisins
10 - Prendre 5 bonnes photos de moi
11- Aller au photobooth en famille
12-Me promener toute seule avec ma bicyclette rouge
13 - Essayer des nouveaux cocktails
14 - Aller manger de la gelato chez Roberto aussi souvent que M voudra bien y aller
15 - Faire du shopping avec mon ami que j'aime..DOWNTOWN...
16 - Passer deux jours sans mes petits monstres - du temps juste pour moi avant de retourner travailler
17 -...


If you take a lot of pictures, you know how hard it is the get the right shot.
Sometimes, you need a lot of takes but sometimes it is just perfect on the first clic.
Just like this one taken by papparazzo Zouzou! :)
What a GREAT family picture!

Mon frère Moul est reparti hier pour un autre mois.
Je pense à toi et reviens-nous bientôt.
Je t'aime!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Mateo's birthday in 5 pictures

 It's all about Flash McQueen!
 Les cousines ! cream cake !
 La familia...
Pinata time !

Fun afternoon!
Happy Birthday my little Mexican boy !

I remember his first birthday : he did not want to eat his cake !
I remember his second birthday : he still did not talk!
And now his third birthday : he eats loads of sugar, talks like crazy...

He got loads of presents.  Loads of presents.
Thank you everyone!

What a lucky boy he is...
But mostly, what lucky parents we are to be his parents.
I'm proud every day.
I thank the universe every day for the gift of my healthy children.


daddy loves you

rain please go away

This is what I envision : sunscreen, a girlie magazine, my new sunglasses and a bit a free time.
Is a girl allowed to dream?

tulips from the garden

Beautiful !
Makes you happy just lookink at them!

Fat Boy - from Elias !

Matito loves it and so does Luca !

Monday, May 9, 2011

a special christening to us

 The whole gang outside of the church
 A smiling priest...
 Mateo likes to pout...
The star of the day in holy water.
 And the children's fascination.
 Godfather and godmother...thank you !
My dad and É.

It was a really great afternoon.
As usual I did not want it to end...
Thank you everyone.


Hard to take the picture now.  He just wants to grab the paper! Or eat it !
What is new with Lucaccino?
He is standing up.
He is crawling everywhere.
He has two teeth.
He has started to wean.
He sleeps a bit better at night.
He says Mama (I think?!).
His eyes are still light.
He prefers sweat to savoury.
He's just great!

Monday, May 2, 2011

haircuts again !

Everyone is telling me not to get my hair cut...
Especially that it is getting that long.
Maybe I should let it grow even longer.  Try to have the longest hair I will have...

And then I see cool cuts like this....
Annona was brave and did it right away...and the little chicken in me is still hesitating...
I guess it's my latina soul that is telling me not to do it.
Avez-vous déjà vu une latina avec les cheveux courts?
Ben moi non plus !

best quote ever !

ever !!!

would like a new pink lipstick

maybe not this pink but pretty close...

for you Dominique

love this quote

a first tooth!

Luca has a tooth! Finally!
He cried for at least 2hours and half last night!
Sometimes I wonder how I manage with so little sleep for the last months...
It's the baby love drug for sure.