Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Oh My God

Luca slept through the night !
Until 7h30 this morning!
I could not believe it !
Yeah !
Will he continue?

a cool pirate

With his dark eyes, the pirate look is great.
I was surprised, he let put on the make-up and did not cry when we removed it.
The only thing missing is getting his ear pierced for a big golden hoop ! (just joking daddy !)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

my frizzy hair

Steve and Chris are now part of my afternoons.
This show on curly hair made go and buy a great hairdryer.
Picture 1 is how my hair looks when I don't fix it.
Picture 2 is how I want it look.
I am trying tomorrow...


What is my true calling?
I know I love to teach and to inspire.
I know I love my job as a CP but I also know that I am looking for new ventures.
I don't know what they are exactly.
But I know that I would love to use creative journalling more.

I know that it is still far away but I am thinking of my return to work.
I have been reading inspiring things (books from my friend Dodo) which make me dream and imagine.

And talking about Oprah, I so hope to go and see her this year.
It's on my life list to see her in Chicago with my friend Johanne.


Last week I spent a lot of time in the house.
From the sofa where I breastfeed, I took pictures.
I was zooming on the dish soap and I thought : Ok, I gotta get out of the house.
But Luca had a growth spurt I think and he ate every two hours ! So I had to stay in.

I decided that this week would be different - if Luca would allow me. :)

Today I went shopping and got Mateo really nice stuff.  It is rare that I get him new stuff since he already has so much clothes but I wanted to get him a few cool things. I am so excited about the new pieces he has.  I even got him beach stuff for our upcoming trip to the sun.

never did that before

As a way to keep me away from sweets, I am writing down what I eat. 
Will it work? I don't know but I am giving it a try.
For now, I have gone two days without something sweet.

I really have to lose this belly.
I want to wear my cool jeans that are waiting for me.
Do not want to wear pregnancy pants anymore ...although they are so comfortable!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Mat the boxer

If you want to get this look :
Gloves from Elias.
Clothes from H&M.
Decor from Goulet street in Decormag November issue!

Monday, October 4, 2010



What can I say...I take only pictures of my sons lately !!!
I spend so much time in the house...

Luca started smiling last week.  Real smiles. It is really great.
Luca sleeps for 5 hours stretches at night. That is really great too.

Happy 2nd month anniversary baby !