Saturday, May 1, 2010


I think my favourite flowers are the ones that you pick in a field outside.
That's why I have never been crazy about receiving bouquets.
I like "wild" bouquets - the ones you can never find at the store.
I like the ones that are full of sunshine and ants.
I love the flowers that wilt after a day because their real habitat is outside.

It's in little details like that I know that my childhood in Germany has had an impact on me.
Fresh flowers remind me of Hornbach.
Fresh flowers remind me of my mom - I don't know why.

In our backyard, we have two lilac trees.
Last year, I missed their short season when Mateo was born.
This year, I can't wait to cut them and put them inside - for a day or two.
I saw the little buds coming out yesterday.

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