Monday, May 31, 2010

sex and the city 2

Last weekend I went to see Carrie again with a gang of girls and it was really nice.
I so so loved the movie - whatever the critics say.

- It made me dream about having such cool clothes.
- It made me dream about jewelry too. M, are you reading?
- It made me reflect on my life. I  could find myself in every girl.  We identify with all of them, that's why we like so much.
- It made me cry (yes, I am pregnant!) and laugh.
- It made me dream of being thin again. :)
- It made me wanna go to a wedding and dress up! (Elias are you reading?! You two are next on the list...)
- It made me miss travelling.
- It made me start putting perfume in my hair like Carrie did.
- It made me dream of a turquoise wall in my house...(Sigh)
- It made me think about my husband, my boy and the life I have.
- It made me want to go out with my girlfriends more. Bars and cool restaurants would be cool...


  1. Hello's funny, reading this it made miss the old times where we used to watch it in Kuujjuarapik..but i'm not even pregnant;-) I,ll see if I convince Luc to have a private wedding for you...

  2. please do marry! I'm sure Luc can be convinced! Or do we have to convince you? Will you wear white?

  3. Tan will wear a tux but PLEASE no such ugly ornment in your hair! ;) Claudia...

  4. I loved the hairpiece!!!
    Elias, did you see the movie yet?
    is out in Kuujjuuaq? :)