Tuesday, October 20, 2009

highway 35

Last weekend, I went to my parents' house and to Daisy's house and I realized that I felt nostalgic  by driving on highway 35.
And I felt it again when I was driving on it tonight.
Highway 35 for me is my passage to St-Jean-sur-Richelieu.
Highway 35 means my old home.
Highway 35 is my old life.
Highway 35 means a lot of souvenirs.
Highway 35 for me is snowstorms, late nights, summer days, coming back from shopping in Montreal,
coming back from movies, coming back from restaurants...
Highway 35 means going to Louis XV street, Augustin-Gauthier, Dépelteau, Léger, de Lourtel...and so many other streets...

I think I miss Highway 35 and I will pass by more often.


  1. for me it means getting lost and calling you for directions;-)

  2. I know !!!! I love the fact that you get lost all the time! It's funny!