Tuesday, October 6, 2009

wow! a new office

I am so happy about my new office.
Look at that lamp! Gorgeous! I love it, love it, love it!
Makes me happy when I walk in !

I started working on a new book and I wanted to have a nice environment to do it in. Excuses, Excuses !!! :)
My office was okay before but it is now painted in a very light shade of gray and in the morning the light is wonderful.
The lamp is center stage since it is so big.
Of course, at Ikea - where else can you shop for so cheap!

I have been wanting to paint my office for the longest time but since the ceiling is so high I never dared to attack the project myself (not even when M was fishing!), I never dared to ask Mike (since he finds that I have too many decorating projects!) so I finally asked my dad! But then Omar came to renovate the bathroom downstairs and he told us he could paint the room for a price that seemed reasonable to us!

The project was finished on Sunday night , my dad and M doing the final touch-ups.
Now, I just have to plan how I will decorate it. 
I already saw a funky chair that I would like.
I painted a new art piece that could go there too...
I'll post pictures when all is done...

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