Monday, March 15, 2010

I am ready to share it now...

I have not been wanting to say that I am pregnant on this blog ...
I am not superstitious by nature but I did not want to write something and then have to erase it.
But then again I know that life has a plan of its own so I why shouldn't I share the joy...
Yes, I am pregnant!
17 weeks now and things are going well.
The beginning was tough - so so tired.
But my usual energy and creativity is coming back to me.

Is it the second trimester or is it just the snow melting away?

We are super happy about the news. Sometimes we wonder how will manage with so much activity in the house but deep down we know that it will be fine...very fine.

I think I felt the baby move a few days ago.  Not a definite kick but something there...

We had the first echo last week and everything seemed fine. Good news.
Welcome new baby !

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  1. Elf mabrouk sister!! Welcome in the club. Pat