Sunday, March 28, 2010

decorating fever

My mom sent me the link to a blog with the note : So, your style !
And boy was she right !
Totally me !

I have been in a decorating mood for quite some time now and usually I just go at it...
But I have two obstacles in my way now :
- my husband (he does not like frequent changes...but he is slowly understanding, I mean REALLY understanding what deco means to me)
- and the most important : my budget...

This is making me sad a bit but there is nothing I can do really...
I have the pleasure of decorating Mat's new room though in a few weeks and the baby's room also !
I'll find a budget for that !


  1. même avec la tête de biche ton style?

  2. J'adore la tête de biche! ;) Claude XX