Saturday, February 26, 2011

a typical day in a few random pictures

 8:00 Dishes from the night before
 9:00 Making necklaces with Mateo
 10:00 Taking a shower while Mateo is watching Tchoupi et Doudou
 11:00 Writing a grocery list.  Going for a walk to the grocery store.
 12:00 Lunch : Molo.
 13:00 Playing with Luca.
 14:00 Tummy time for Luca
 15:00 Came back from errands.  Luca is sleeping.
 16:00 Mateo woke up from his nap.  Reading one of his new books.
 17:00 Painting with Mateo.
 18:00 Carrots for Luca.
19:00 Folding clothes.

20:00 Another diaper I am changing.

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  1. dure dure ....une journée d une maman