Tuesday, March 15, 2011

palm beach

Tanja, Tanja, Tanja.  It called my name.
I must admit, the bottle got to me.
And the name of the perfume.  How cool is that !
And the colour of the bottle.
Makes me look forward to wearing white jeans with a fun top and cool sandals.
Makes me want to go to the sun.

I was so hoping to like it when I saw it at the drusgstore.
Smelled it again at Holts.
I will be frank, it is not a favourite like Light Blue, nor Dolly Girl, nor Phylosikos , nor I love love, but I like it a lot.  
It is feminine and fresh.  
Happy I have a new perfume.

This is the description I found on the Michael Kors web site :
Escape to the ultimate glamorous destination. 
Experience the brightness of succulent orange, jasmine, and hints of black tea.

Makes me want to take this class..

Perfume really talks to me :

Elias, do you remember when we went on holiday and you kept smelling the perfume you had just bought?  I forget the name now but I know that the bottle was white and orange and that you emptied half a bottle in a few days while we were in Venezuela ! You so loved it.  Was it Gucci?
I always love the perfumes you buy.

 I remember Tribu, it suited you so well Claude.  So sweet.I bought one or two bottles too. My dad used to say it smelled like tobacco.  I wonder if it still exists.  I think I would wear it again.

And Her from Just Cavalli that you wear Jojo, a scent that I would love to wear because I find it so sexy. I love the bottle that looks like an ice cube and I love the way the perfume comes out (not all sprays are alike...).
Why don't you buy another bottle?

And you Annona you always wear more daring fragrances that suit really well. Nacho has a really good nose when buying you presents.

And you, Dominique, who I am  trying to convince to shop for a perfume.  Why don't we make it a date?

My mom has great taste in perfumes, always has. And so does my dad and so does Moul. I guess we have the perfume gene in the family.

My sisters-in-law who always wear great perfumes also....Nadine's perfume "tray" is great !

My man loves perfumes too now.  He is catching on with the fever and trying a new scent every time he finishes a bottle. (Youpidou!)

 And Mateo has his baby perfume too.  He is learning by imitation and now asks me to spray perfume on him when we go to Pharmaprix.  

 I could on and on...I'll keep some for next time...maybe I'll talk about the perfumes I don't like. 

 In the meantime, you can have fun on this site tracking down your favourite perfumes.