Wednesday, August 8, 2012

best pictures of the summer yet

I know it is stil isn't over and it is still so nice...but here is a glimpse of our last two months
my boys at the pool
my boys with Geddo
my naked boys
all kinds of good food this
my angel Luca sleeping. he really is an angel
the duo of the summer
the parents...
this was ours for one week !
once in a while...but only once in a while does he want to spend time with mamma...when daddy is not around ;)
one of the favourite pictures I have of me ! Thanks Verica !


  1. I love this photo of you! Luca looks so big - I would love to see him soon. A x

  2. Look at those boys...the dark one to the left seems to have a very big penis, ha ha ha...may he grew into it or he will have problems when he is supposed to have intercourse. Sexy boys!!