Friday, June 24, 2011

A day with Mateo

My mom took Luca for a day and I spent my whole day with Matti.
We had a great time...
It was all about him : He did not have to nap and he did not have to eat his fruits and vegetables...

-We just HAD to go to the photobooth! Very good session as you can see.
-We had icecream.
-We painted. I LOVE what he did! The beautifully drawn car is Mommy of course.
-Playdough time.
-We also went to the water front to see the boats.
- He got a present from Oma : more cars!
-And the camper! I wanted us to sleep in the camper but that did not work out. By the time, we were finished with story time, he said :" Maman, je ne veux pas coucher ici, je veux aller dans ma chambre !"
Eh bien...
(Mommy slept there anyway and had a back ache the next morning because of the very hard mattress and a stiff neck probably because of the cooler weather.)

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