Monday, June 13, 2011

Tips for dressing boys

  1. Look towards mens fashion for ideas. Right now I’m seeing a lot of men wear V-neck t-shirts and cut off shorts. Perfect for toddler boys too, right? You can find v-neck shirts here and cut-off shorts here
  2. Accept hand me down clothes from friends, but edit. I was once the lucky winner of 3 garbage bags of used clothes from a generous neighbor. The clothes were clean, lightly used, but the fit wasn’t quit right.  I kept a few pieces and shamelessly donated most of it to charity.  
  3. Buy gender neutral clothes in girls department. A lot of times boys clothes are too baggy. I swear by the girl jeans from H&Mthese girl shorts from Crazy 8, and these pants from Target (trust me on this one).
  4. Repeat Repeat Repeat outfits. It’s green, it European, it makes your life easier. My boys repeat the same outfit for days until it fails the smell inspection and until the stains are large enough to be spotted on camera.  
  5. Splurge Once! Buy a piece of clothing you know is totally over priced but you love it. I bought these light sweaters for my boys for spring. This summer’s spurge: these shorts
  6. Look in unexpected placesCVS Pharmacy has really cool sunglasses for boys this summer.  
  7. SUSPENDERS! Everyday!  
Found this here.

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