Thursday, February 23, 2012


Don't know why but I have been thinking a lot about Costa Rica lately. I have been feeling nostalgic. Maybe I miss the fact that I was so free then. Every day for almost a year I did only the things that I liked. And now, although I love my life, it is all about work. Free time - what's that man?!!! I need to get the balance back. My body is talking to me but for the moment I cannot listen to it. I miss the Escazu pool, I miss eating ice cream at the drive through, I miss walking for hours in my flip-flops, I miss the tanning, I miss my students there, I miss Esther, I miss spending time with Sofia, Jesper, Marco, Gustavo, I miss the Multiplaza, I miss taking the bus, I miss the morning rain, I miss wearing skirts every day, I miss the San Jose market, I miss eating papaya every day, I miss my painting class where we had rice pudding, I miss walking to the grocery store, I miss the week that I spend with Jojo there where we had a blast, I miss my swimming instructor, I miss weekend getaways, I miss speaking Spanish every day... I am not the person to look behind but lately I wished I just had a little time just for me.

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