Wednesday, February 29, 2012

i missed my parents

In our family, we are bit funny that way. We don't miss each other. We love each other a lot but when we don't see each other it's okay. But for the first time in my life -maybe it's because they have been gone for a month and maybe because I am a mom now and I value family time more than before - I miss my parents. I really love them so much and realize how great they are and how lucky I was to be raised by them. My mom is a star wherever she goes and my dad is funny and kind. I have friends who have sick parents and it made me realize how precious the years to come are. I am lucky to have them healthy, but most of all happy.
lunch with the girls at the beach
my dad reading in the sun ! how lucky is he?!!!

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  1. J ai bien hâte de revenir ,heureusement il y avait des amis à Lily pour parler à la plage et comme ça le temps passer très vite.