Monday, December 21, 2009


A new list for a new year.

Hula always makes a list that matches her age.
But that would be too dearing for me.
I don't want to put 40 things on my list.
Let's see what will come up :
Here we go.
1. Go to the beach. Okay, not original, I go every year but I am craving the sun.
2. Paint new paintings. Make Mateo paint this summer on a big canvas.
3. Grow my hair longer.  I will take a picture of it now and take a picture again in one year.
4. Visit Annona in Miami or New-York.
5. Spend a weekend with my brother.  Could that be possible Mouli?
6. Take a new class.  I don't know about what but something new.
7. See my friends more.
8. Make it a priority to walk a lot.
9. Read at least 12 books.
10. Try a lot of new recipes.
11. Decorate with Vicky for her new house.
12.  Have a healthy new baby.
13. Work less.
14. Go out with M more often to restaurants, just us two.
more will come...still thinking about it.

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