Wednesday, December 2, 2009

new words

Matito is speaking more and more.
About a month ago we counted how many words he said.  We counted 30.
Now, a month later, I am sure he has doubled that number.
And if we counted all the words he understands, we would be in the hundreds.
I have never been the type to count things (sorry Claudia :) !!) but I surprised myself monitoring his progress.

A few of his funny words :
Oh boy - he says screaming when we change his diaper full of poo (my mom taught him that!)
Ho! Ho ! Ho ! - he imitates Santa Claus

A few of his translations :
couti - for camion
kaya - for bicyclette
eau - for lait
papi - for papillon

and strangely enough, he does not know how to say his name !!!

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