Monday, December 21, 2009

being sick

Nobody likes being sick but for me being sick always means staying in bed.
Since I have started being a mom, I haven't spent many days in bed - there is always too much to do with Mateo around.
And staying in bed means having food and drink on the mattress, books and magazines around all around, eating at weird hours, looking like crap but not minding.  I love it when the bed looks like a battlefield.
I spent the whole day in bed and I loved it.
Being sick is for me the only way that I can get quiet.
I realize when I am sick how busy my life usually is.
Doing this and going there.
Working and e-mailing.
And preparing supper.
And doing, doing, doing...
I realize how much I love to do nothing.
I am often sick over the holidays.
I think it is a way for me to calm down and think about the new year.
To refresh the energy.

I loved my day and I think I feel much better.
Night will tell me if the coughing has calmed down.
M had an outing tonight which was perfect too, it gave me more time to do nothing.
I say nothing but I started reading a book (Sarah's key- Annona buy that one too!) and cried for most of the day (thank you Isabelle!) and I wrote in my journal.
M gave me the idea of making a collage and that is what I did.
I also watched an episode of Six Feet Under.  I love that show because it makes you realize how lucky we are to be alive.
And made me want to write a list about all the things I love...
Number 1 : I love babies.
Which brings me back to Mateo again, will I ever stop writing about this sweet child?

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  1. Guéris vite... et ensuite, fake d'être malade pour rester coucher toute la journée! ;)