Monday, July 12, 2010

a beach suitcase is always the best suitcase

In the last years, I really realized that I was a sun and heat worshiper.  Luc B introduced me to trips in the sun and my year in Costa Rica confirmed that I am the happiest when it is hot outside. 

I have also learned that you can never have enough summer clothes and when you see beach clothes that you like (even if you find this piece in the month of September when it is raining) you should always buy it because you definitely WANT to have a beach suitcase possible. Beach suitcases for me are the best. They make me happy.  They remind me of a pirate's treasures.  You open them and wow!

When I am in the plane travelling down south I often think about the loss I would feel if my suitcase disappeared.  What would I do without these treasured pieces? I really do have my favourite clothes in there. Even if I would get money to replace all the things in my suitcase, it could not replace my attachement to some special pieces, like the polka-dot pareo I bought with Jojo in Playa del Carmen, the red bikini I bought with Claude, the shiny hearts earrings I bought for the wedding, the white linens pants Claudette bought for me almost ten years ago, a turquoise top that is a bit stained but that I still like from Banana Republic,  the pyjama top that I wear as a real top...

Today I found a scarf that I will put in my a year (or less) from now when I go to the beach with my three men.

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