Sunday, July 25, 2010

counting the days

the countdown has officially started in my head.
i am giving birth in a few days.

here are a few things that are in my head and on my list :

- So surreal to think that we will have another baby boy...will everything go okay?
- I still have to get the baby's room ready
- Will be driving a new car soon! Can't wait to listen to CDs in the car!
- I want to go on a date with M this week.
- How will the c-section go? better than last time?
- How will this baby be? Will he be dark like Mateo?
- How will we name him?
- I wanna try so many recipes
- want to find a cool necklace. A gift to myself for the birth...
- I want to go for gelato at Roberto's
- I want to have an art date with Dodo
- I have to finish the book this week
- Want to see one or two movies
- Wanna find a little gift I can give to people who visit me at the hospital
- Have to see a dermatologist for my feet asap
- I want to suntan and swim at the neighbour's
- I want to write in my journal
- Should I buy the camper this year?
- I want to get a really good book to read 
- Will try to nap in the afternoon to prepare for the sleepless nights coming up
- Gotta go to the hairdresser and beautician
- and, and, and...

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