Friday, July 9, 2010

i wanna be a gypsy

When I was growing up in Germany, I saw gypsies down the road who lived in caravans like this...
It has always fascinated me.
Then later on, I saw some movies by Tony Gatlif that mesmerized me. 
The colours, the bohemian lifestyle, their dark hair...all this resonates in me.

I also had a girlfriend, Alexandra, who had a caravan like this in her Oma's backyard and I spent summers sleeping there with her.
They are really good souvenirs.
We would play with our dolls, sleep in old blankets and at night listen to her drunk uncle coming back from Gasthof Grunewald. Morning come, we would have breakfast in the "real house" but most of the time, I wanted to eat at my grandparents since Alexandra's grandparents were butchers and I did not like all the cold cuts they would eat all the time...I would prefer to go back home and have fresh bread with jam.
And today, when I saw this picture on my friend's blog, it gave me chills.
What if I could have one in my backyard for the summer time?
My secret place where I could leave my crayons, favourite books, music...Where I could have lunch, write, nap (okay, not nap since I don't nap)...Where Mateo could play alone, or with me, or with dad, or with his friends...
Wouldn't that be nice!!!?
Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes!!!

M, can you help me find one?

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  1. Here's someone who transformed her airstream trailer into her studio: