Friday, May 25, 2012

I love Mateo Kerba

I remember it as clearly as yesterday. Four years ago, my son Mateo came to the world. I remember when they took him out of my belly and the sound he made. It was the most beautiful sound I had ever heard. I remember thinking that he was the most beautiful baby I had ever seen. He was so dark. An Arabic prince. That changed my life. Now when I see Lilacs I think of Mateo. They bloom at his birthday.
This is what he looked like a few weeks later.
And this is what he looks like now.
Last week, he turned four and he had his first real big party. He received way too many gifts and he had his first friend to ever sleep over. Bonne Fête mon amour! Maman et Papa, nous t'aimons à la folie. Plus que les autos !

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