Saturday, May 12, 2012


What would I be if my mom hadn't been my mom? I can't even imagine... What I know for sure is that she brought me so much just by being who she is. I now understand the saying that says: Don't tell your kids what to do. Just show them by setting the example. By looking back at my childhood, I see that my mom was not the type to teach me things. It was more I, who was a sponge and learned by looking at her. It's as if my parents have always trusted me deep down and knew that I would get it... Now, I realize how much I admire her because I have copied so many of her traits. I will never be as funny and cute as her but I still have a lifetime to work on that...:) Thank you Mom for everything you have done for me, still do for me and will do for me. Ich Liebe Dich. Tanja von Hornbach.


  1. Quel beau message d'amour... Bonne fête des mères Valérie... et Tanja aussi! xx Cl.

  2. Bonne fête des mamans à toi aussi chère Claudia !