Saturday, May 12, 2012

l'Amour du pain !

Since I was child, I have loved bread. My German grandmother would wake in the early hours when it was still dark outside and would put on a flowery scarf on her head and go to the bakery 5 minutes away and get us fresh brotchen. As I child, I did not realize how good it was but now I do. I could see that my mom would love it though. My grandma would prepare fresh jams and special honeys for her... In my family we love bread and pasta. We eat loads of it. We are lucky - we don't get fat from it. When I hear people say that they get fat from bread and I look at them with a puzzled look. I don't see my life without bread. I have it every morning of my life. And I never get bored of it. And I am so lucky, I live walking distant to L'Amour du pain, which I think is the best bakery in the neighbourhood. Even Mateo loves going there now because he knows that Mommy will buy him a mini croissant, or a pretzel, or just a fresh piece of bread (like my mom would give me when we went food shopping together.) M who was not a bread lover that much when I met him has become an afficionado also...

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